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About Us

It all started with a jeep. 

Since my 6th birthday, I've been living the jeep life. I would spend hours driving all over the yard feeling like the coolest kid in the neighborhood. 


Fast forward 10 years to my 16th birthday and I had to make sure my first car was a jeep. My $3,000 beat-up wrangler took me anywhere I wanted to go. I would drive up the Blue Ridge Parkway any chance I got. It led me on countless adventures and gave me lifelong memories

Jeep Kid.png

That's why Asheville Jeep Tours exists,

to share with you the lifelong adventures that I found. I started this to carry on the memories, the stories, and the adventures. There's just something special about exploring the mountains around Asheville in a jeep, and I want you to experience it. 

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